Views from the Loughborough Model Railway Exhibition - 2023

Skytrex has just attended the Soar Valley Model Railway Club - Loughborough Model Railway Exhibition which was held in several buildings and halls across the Loughborough Grammar School Grounds.

Located about 5 minutes drive from the Skytrex office we were fortunate to be able to attend such a local event, meet a number of customers (both new and old), reminisce about our the history of Skytrex in Loughborough itself and discuss the various displays and projects that people were working on.

Unlike previous years we were also running a small painting demonstration throughout the weekend using the Omen Paints which can be found here.

It was a great experience as we also got the opportunity to catch up with several other traders who made the journey in support of the event and squeeze in a little time to marvel at a number of the stunning displays on show for everyone to enjoy. 

Throughout the weekend we added a number of pictures and videos to the Skytrex Facebook and Instagram profiles which can be seen here however there were too many to post so we thought we would also add them here as well.

If you're not already following us on Social Media (which can be easily remedied...) please sign up and you can then watch them through the link above...





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