Many customers who enjoy painting often ask us what paints and which colours we use so we have compiled a listing for you to reference.

All our paints are  manufactured by Coat D'Arms and are available from Black Hat Miniatures. If you visit the Black Hat website, you will find colour charts for all these colours. 
White 101
Black 102
Flame Orange 105
Ink Wash Brown 136
Ink Wash Chestnut 137
Matt varnish 139
Gun Metal 142
Burnt Orange 147
Dark Green 209
Light Grey 211
Dark Grey 212
Leather Brown 217
Wood Brown 218
Chestnut Brown 219
Khaki 225
Buff 228
Dark Sand 229
Mid Grey 231
Linen 233
Dark Earth 234
British Khaki 501
Military Green 503
Panther Grey 504
Brick Red 509
Mid Stone 510
Chocolate Brown 519
Red Brown 520
Tan Earth 524
Beige Brown 529
Faded Khaki 537
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